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Welcome to Libatech,

Domain Work: internet Services
Number of Employees: 5+ Employee and More. We take whole projects from a to z all around lebanon.


  1. Internet Services
  2. ADSL
  3. Wireless


Company History

Libatech was established in December 2011 by Robert Saab, Genevieve Saab and Boulos Saab. The company operated by the general manager Robert Saab. He originally ran the operation from the same location in Achrafieh, building a loyal customer base in the area.
On 25 January 2013, pursuant to Resolution No. 31/1 issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT), the company obtained a license to a digital leased lines of communication linking the international Internet backbone of the MoT and only used for the distribution of Internet services.
On 26 March 2013 under an order filled No. 6 /m.e.e issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT), Directorate establishing and equipping networks to create a wired connection via fibre-optic cable connects Achrafieh central exchange (CO) with the company and MoT center for the distribution of Internet services.

What the company does

Libatech was established with a specific Mission of providing “Total Solution”, state of the art solutions to Corporate Organizations in Private and Public Sectors. Libatech is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) involved in all aspects of the Internet and offers super high level services for individual consumers, small-medium enterprises and corporations through a number of different delivery strategic services. Libatech founders have been in the Telecommunication field for over 15 years in various Systems Integrations and other technology Companies.



Vision statement

Libatech targeted Goal and Vision is to become the major provider of Internet Services, side by side with the latest technologies and Network Solutions services provision in Lebanon as a whole. Our plan and strategy is based on being the preferred Internet provider of high quality, Innovative Solutions that will help organizations increase productivity by reducing transaction costs.
Our key success will be our commitment to the customer. We understand that the customer is the business, and the success of the business relies on the loyalty of the customer. Libatech will focus great attention on customer service, making it our number one goal.

Mission statement

Libatech mission is to provide complete, quality Internet solutions to our clients by incorporating sensible and cost-effective technologies. These products will be supported by a team of customer-oriented quality staff whose overriding priority is to provide professional service to our customers resulting in complete customer satisfaction.


Libatech maintains an intense focus on the values that guide our employee’s actions. We insist on certain core values that not only define us as an organization but also our beacon for continued growth and professional excellence.

  • We listen to our customer’s needs and provide innovative, reliable services in support of their needs.
  • We deliver definable quality and value so that our customers are proud to recommend us to others.
  • We hire professionals for their talents and skills, respect their contributions and reward them for their contributions.
  • We continually improve our company, our community, our industry and our services.

Business goals & objectives

Libatech is capable of offering the best value-added services to most customers is essential for the success of the company by achieving the following goals and objectives.

  •  Reach a maximum number of customers
  •  Achieve the highest possible speeds for its customers
  • Maintain the highest levels of service quality
  •  Minimize capital and operational costs
  •  Manage the delivery of support services and operational requirements of the customer as outlined in assigned contract.
  •  Ensure that the productivity goals for the team are met, including service level/availability and customer satisfaction.
  • Work with Service Manager to ensure customer contractual goals are achieved while providing Technical Support Specialist staff with operational support.

Business strategy

We intend to become a leader in providing businesses, educational institutions, and governmental organizations with high quality, cost-effective business solutions that will allow our customers to take advantage of the Internet without having to develop and maintain their own Internet technology and hire and retain an extensive Internet staff. To achieve this objective, we intend to continue to rely on the following core elements of our business strategy:

  •  Providing Highly Reliable Internet Access
  • Increasing the Percentage of Our Revenues from Value-Added Data Center Services
  •  Targeting Middle Market Business, Educational, and Governmental Customers
  •  Providing Superior Customer Support by Network Experts

We intend to further develop our business by focusing on the core elements of our business strategy discussed above and pursuing the following key growth strategies:

  • Expanding Our Network Nationally and Internationally
  •  Broadening Our Marketing Activities
  • Pursuing Strategic Sales and Distribution Alliances
  • Engaging in Strategic Acquisitions
  • Eventually Becoming an Integrated Communications Provider, Offering Both Voice and Data Services

Business concept

Business concept

We create tailored solutions for our customers based on their business and technical requirements, modifying these solutions as our customers’ needs evolve. Unlike many other ISPs that outsource their technical support to independent call centers; our highly reliable services are supported by our knowledgeable and responsive network experts, some of whom are the same professionals that implemented our network.

Our customer contracts require us to provide our services for a one-year, two-year, or three-year term and contain, among other things, a limited service level warranty related to the continuous availability of service on a 24-hours-per-day, seven-days- per-week basis, except for scheduled maintenance periods. This warranty provides a credit for free service for disruptions in our Internet access services. At the end of the term of a contract, a customer may elect to extend the contract’s term on a month-to-month basis. Any change or upgrade in service, however, typically requires a new contract for a new term.


Libatech is a traditional, full-service Internet Service Provider, offering dedicated Internet access, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Mobile data-only access (3G), wireless residential broadband, Wi-Fi, and network- related professional solutions (design, installation, management, etc.). Libatech allows people and companies to access and publish documents on the World Wide Web without the need to hire full-time system administrators, costly high-speed network connections, dedicated servers, and other similar expenses or expertise.
Libatech selects services which meet the following criterion:

  • Benefit to customers/company: the service must materially benefit the customer and Libatech in some way. This may manifest itself as a side benefit, an improvement on current services, or additional revenue stream to customer/company.
  • Cost/benefit ratio: the benefits realized must be at least as great as the cost of implementation, production, and maintenance of the service.
  •  Maintainability: the product must be maintainable by Libatech personnel. We had some experience with services where source code and other maintenance resources are unavailable and have had major difficulties with these restrictions.

Business competitiveness

In addition to other national, regional, and local ISPs, our current and prospective competitors include local exchange telecommunications carriers, cable television operators and their affiliates, satellite, and wireless communications companies and providers of co-location and other data center services. We also anticipate that if we offer services as a CLEC, we will face new competitors that already have established a market presence for local telecommunications access.
The principal competitive factors in our market include:

  • Internet system engineering expertise and advanced technical functions
  • price of services
  • availability and quality of customer service and support
  • timing of introductions of new services
  • network capability
  • network security
  • reliability of services
  • financial resources
  • variety and quality of services
  •  ease of expansion
  • ability to maintain, expand, and add new distribution channels
  • broad geographic presence
  •  brand name
  • conformity with industry standards

Quality policy & objectives

Libatech is committed to quality assurance and will ensure that all products and services rendered meet the stated performance criteria and are in accordance with the specified requirements of clients. Libatech’s efforts to provide quality are thus governed by the following objectives:

  • To ensure that we remain true to our beliefs and values regarding our clients, our employees and all other business associates.
  • To achieve overall awareness of quality assurance and to create a climate of continuous improvement of quality within Libatech.
  • To ensure all employees are adequately equipped and trained to perform their duties in a commendable manner.


Service Pledge

Libatech pledge to customers on service quality makes a clear promise about the level of service our customer can expect from us, and outlines the standards we have in place around the quality, accuracy, manner and timeliness of our interactions with customers. We will report back annually on our performance against these targets, continue to consult with customer on priorities, and we will continue to work with customers and share the plans we develop to continue to improve our services in the future.


Management & Ownership

Management Structure

Our main management divisions are sales and marketing, service, and administration. Service handles service, support, installation, and network operations.

  •  Administration: President, General Manager, CPA, Administration Support.
  • Sales: Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting
  • Support: Central Office Engineers, Data Center Engineers, Data Center Operators, Host and web Master, Qualified Installers, IP Integrator, Web Designers, Help Desk, and Customer Service.

Ownership Structure

Articles of Corporation

Articles of Corporation were registered at the Commercial Register in Beirut under number /1014635/ on December 03, 2011. LIBATECH S.A.L (“LIBATECH”) filed as a private Corporation.

Name of Shareholders

The Shareholders currently are the following individuals:

  •  Robert B. Saab, Managing Director
  •  Genevieve R. Saab, Director
  •  Boulos R. Saab, Director

Election of Partners

The following individuals have been elected by the Board of Directors to serve as the President – General Manager in the Company:

  • Robert B. Saab, President – General Manager

Management / leadership skills

Libatech’s management is highly experienced and qualified. Key members of our management teams are listed below.

  • Robert Saab – President – General Manager
  • Genevieve Saab – Director
  • Boulos Saab – Director

Robert B. Saab, the managing director and general manager of Libatech, has extensive background in the Telecommunications, Local and Wide area networking field. He was president of Cyberliban, SAL and General Manager of Virtual-ISP, SAL.
Genevieve Robert Saab majored in hospitality management and marketing. She possesses high selling skills, communications skills, including the ability to communicate complex concepts. Dynamic, self motivated, independent.
Boulos Robert Saab LAU student majoring in banking and finance, he possesses high mathematical skills, communications skills, including the ability to communicate complex financial concepts. Dynamic, self motivated, independent.

Office and administrative personnel

Libatech maintain a staff of one engineer and one Technician through most of 2013, a secretary to assist with telephone and office management. At the end of 2014, additional technicians will be brought on board as workload dictates. Beginning 2015, the original founding members will be transitioned from field work and into management, replaced by additional engineers. Additionally, a full time marketing/sales representative will be hired.


  • Maurice Gharbe – Attorney At Law


  • Joseph Abi Chaker – Auditor (Auditus, Sarl)
  •  Hisham Ibrahim – Accountant

Current customers & projects.

  1.  A list of customers, and contact details will be furnished upon request.
  2. A list of projects and details will be furnished upon request.

Attachments and supporting Documentation (available on request)

  1. Statues of the Company (By-Laws).
  2. Certificate of Registration in the Commercial Register
  3. Certificate of Registration of a Trading Company.
  4. Commercial Circular.
  5. Certificate of Registration in the Ministry of Finance.
  6. Certificate of registration in the Value-added Tax.
  7. Copy of the MoT resolution no. 31/1 to provide internet services .
  8. Company Rent Lease.
  9. Copy of Directors IDs.
  10. Minute of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Partners